How I started?

This was the time of my Preliminary exams when I heard a burst of sound “Look at this , how attractive he looks” , crawling out of my bed  I saw a Big Body structure with a solid mountain on his bicep , with a confusing line structure of his vein coming out of his   body,  posing with all effort- that was KAI GREENE!

Image result for KAI GREENE

It was the time of great stress as preliminary were going on , as an Indian with great responsibility on my back , I need to pass but that moment stunned me with a clear my mind strategy, I got confused now, again that dilemma took me over.

“Here I come again ” ,my soul murmured ! “What you want?”, I asked my soul the reply was what I saw is what I want! Extremely critical situation , feeling like just to be born again or die this birth.I just took my book close to my nose with a “SHUT UP” to soul and started preparing for exams!

Walking on the street A day after exams , I saw one of my known but unknown was listening to a speech on Youtube ,  It was saying that ” I wanted to be a body builder but one of the best Body builder of all the time”- this was the time of empty thought as my preliminaries were over , putting my soul against my mind I listened to it, It was voice of “The Arnold” ,



Again dilemma raised out of nowhere trying to create unrest in me, I didn’t recognize that what happened to me , I just took a turn back to directly my room and started to look for my friends online-“this is what I use to do in my spare time”.

Now a week passed , almost every thought in my mind was over, thankful to my soul- no dilemma this time. Ready to go for “girl-hunt” with my friend , roaming on the streets, complementing every girl in thought , after mum called came back.

Whenever I looked at my friend he was always the same , speaking more than his ability but good educator with almost all of the quality I think a growing teen should have. He made me pass my Exams later after 1 year than I was promoted to college.

Unfortunately, my Dog took his last breath and left every eye in tear in the home,

after a lot suffering we got up again with the same power of “NEVER GIVE UP”, dropping my sister back to her medical arena, me and my mother came back.

Always when I come home after driving my preciously owned with a V.I.P. plate of “chairman” my “honda city ” , I feel like to start a new , to start a  more special moment. so I took remote switched on T.V., but didn’t find any entertainment , again left with youtube on my phone, searched over , found a video , It was “Things to do after getting up” , It was something motivational.

After going through , just got a conclusion “Listen to your soul”.

I tried, my soul was still murmuring “GYM”, this time I was completely frustrated out of me but waited peacefully for mind to relax and think over it.

Finally I took my first step for this to take chance and now It’s been 3rd year of my struggle , still working……………………………………………………….





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