What does your college degree means?


Now a days we all witness a kind of fish market in the education field where everyone is their to buy that golden fish in discount or we can say Stanford University or Delhi University with scholarships. But what we really aim at is out of our mind , we even don’t know what kind of original benefit these degrees could give. Don’t just think that something like “JOB SECURITY” is their or “A BRIGHT FUTURE”, no my friends future belongs to you not your college degree. What it really is let me show you.


One of my friend’s family is their in U.S.A. , his child is in 5th standard studying in the most reputed school their. We consider that American studies are aimed at education not business. Once he was called by school faculty that there is a book that every child must buy worth $160, actually that friend of mine is a writer also , he silently purachased the book and hurriedly called his publisher that how much this book would cost if I get 50000 copies , he calculated and without any delay he said “$7 sir”.


If those institutes are just doing business than one could imagine what really goes everywhere else. I am not saying that you should leave college or university, No but what I am trying to say is that what it really is. Your college degree is not your ticket to success, it is worthless when your will to your course is 0. People value those degrees not those students but for you everyone reading this , “opportunity is for the people not for college or degree”. Doesn’t matter you are in a local college not even B grade or in those IITs or MITs or STANFORD. Your education and skill would be appreciated and then only those institutes would use your name to advertise themselves , they are not the key to your success rather you are the key to their success.

Everybody writes his success story, nobody holds the same vision….let me repeat again nobody holds the same vision as you do, that’s why never tell anybody about the reasons of your actions, say them this is not your life , not your decision , never let anybody’s opinion to be your life….yeah he says you cannot be in army……she says you cannot be a doctor…….you cannot be a fashion designer, look at yourself, you even wear these vulger clothes…SHUT UP!

I am not here for you and your opinions, who the hell are you to say I am not eligible , Are you God that almighty , HELL NO! Never , keep quite and stay away from me, I am not the results of your belief not your opinions , I WILL BE WHAT I WANT TO BE DOESN’T MATTER HOW LONGER IT WOULD TAKE….IT IS NOT OVER YET!

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