Internal teachings through outer experiences

Life is all what we are stucked in but always managing to escape pexels-photo.jpg , not from life , you just eat some poison or try some knife on your stomach not these escapes rather call it failing, I am talking about the way to tackle life. It sounds like a problem as we need to tackle it but it is still not a problem , it is something like opportunity and succesful people look at it as opportunity while those stupis idiots take life as a problem and decide to live as a dead or sometimes eliminates themselves. Yes of course, people have a very strong opinion about life especially who take it as problem, they say they need money to pay bills ,they say they need wife and children to love , they say they need respect to live like legend , they say they need….they need……they need…….. At the end of the day they are just having a list of what they should have in their life. Again the next day they prepare themself ,they prepare a list for what they should  have in their life but the day again ends leaving them behind with a list…. The things which should be their in your life would not come from it should be , it ultimately finds a spot if you are willing to change that “should” into “is”. You are the creator of your own destiny but the thing is that you do “what you have to do” but not “what you want to do”. I don’t care if you are the 1st person to read my blog or may be the last one but the thing which matter is that I am able to proove myself to a person who is miles from me. Try to take out your positivity because there is no shame in it , it is not illegal , it is not hurting but might be painful as it is just like you are alone to conquer an army on an island and you got a wodden stick to fight but also have your boat burned, hey you all there would be nobody to hear your pain and regret after 20 or 30 or 40 years from now , don’t just procastinate just get up and step up ,it might be difficult ,it might be painful but it would be what it should be.

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